Internet Marketing In Real Estate Patna

19 Nov

“Ideas are worth nothing if the people behind them are not good. The people always come first.”

Patnaites have been rather quick in going online, and the depth of Internet penetration across the city is quite remarkable. However, when it comes accepting the Internet as a serious medium and tool to boost business, there is considerable disbelief and change aversion among Patna’s developers. The general feeling is that the Internet is a ‘new age’ medium with little potential, and that the tried-and-tested ‘offline’ approach to marketing real estate in Patna is still the most reliable.

This mind-set needs to change drastically and developers in Patna should make active use of digital media for marketing properties in Patna. This acceptance will come primarily because developers in Patna are experiencing that valid and actionable inquiries do indeed come from their web sites as well as real estate portals where their properties are featured. Today, every developer in Patna has a website, and many also maintain blogs and social media accounts to garner further visibility online.


For consumers of real estate in Patna, the Internet has become an unmitigated boon. Visiting developers’ web sites allows buyers to inform themselves about a project before actually making site visits. They can also make quick comparisons of all available options that meet their requirements, and to do a considerable amount of elimination to arrive at a final checklist. Online forums allow them to poll others’ opinions and experiences with regards to developers and their projects in Patna.

Obviously, property marketing on the Internet will also become highly competitive. Developers in Patna soon will be vying for online space and buyer attention in every possible way. In fact, a significant chunk of real estate marketing will go online in Patna real estate, and will reap very satisfactory results.

Internet marketing outreach will become an inalienable and highly effective part of most developers’ overall marketing programme in Patna; purchase inquiries triggered online can account for as much as 25-30% of the total annual sales tally. Real estate developers with clear USPs – such as projects in exciting new locations or within affordable price brackets – have clear advantage online.

Most developers in Patna will realize shortly that their websites – rather than their marketing offices – are now their primary calling cards, and will invest heavily into making them more attractive and user-friendly. Likewise, tie-ups with leading property portals will become  a default route for major developers in Patna


It is early days yet, and internet marketing in most business fields has yet to find its ‘true North’. Meanwhile, it is important that real estate buyers in Patna see it as a useful tool, but by no means the only tool at their disposal.  At the end of the day, real estate is still very much a ‘people’ business – as such, it cannot become entirely virtual. When it comes to buying a home for which one will make a very large financial commitment, nothing will replace a site visit and personal inspection.

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14 Nov

Buy Land In Patna

14 Nov

real estate Patna

Buying land in Patna can be rewarding in the long term. However, to identify the best investment option in land in Patna, you have to do some hard work. We will make an attempt to dispense some myths about investing in land in Patna and inform readers of the best practices to adopt and pitfalls to avoid when it comes to reinforcing your investment portfolio with land as an asset class.

Let’s take the example of Rahul Sharma, who wants to invest money to satisfy long-term goals in solid investment assets which will combine great returns with lower risk. While real estate will crop up as a possible option, there are various factors which make it seem unattractive. The volume of investment required to purchase a flat or a weekend home or a plot in Patna is too high. For a salaried individual, this involves heavy and lengthy financing options which will put a constraint on the quality of his family life. Adding to this, the murky reputation of the housing industry, non-transparent and long-drawn legal paperwork makes matters worse.

Let’s focus on an oft-ignored product in Patna real estate that is land. Investment volumes are lower than other real estate products and returns are stable and are in the high category bracket if the locations are chosen correctly.

Let’s get into details so we can explore the investment category to its full potential. Land investment in Patna includes different kinds of potential land investments like:

 Residential development land, which is predominantly used to build houses. These plots can be used to build independent houses, apartment buildings and villas.

Another option is commercial land whose intended use is commercial in nature like office space rentals or sale.

Farm land is typically devoted towards agriculture, so if you plan to cultivate on it, then invest in the farm land in accordance with its fertility level.

While recreational land might be part of or might qualify for several governmental programmes, it is necessary to procure permits from the municipality or you can take help from a developer in Patna.

Land investment in Patna, like any investment option comes with its own set of advantages and challenges, which depend primarily on your investment goals. The main highlight of purchasing land is that it is a tangible asset and because of a constant and steady increase in demand, the returns are more or less assured over time. Land has better resale value with comparatively lower cost and property tax than residential properties in Patna. Another advantage is that land is available at most locations with different sizes; this makes it easier to invest in small portions and keep increasing the investment according to your savings. The primary challenge with this investment is that there is very little return versus the effort required in the short term.

Entering into land investment in Patna can be substantial due to many reasons. Few reasons why you should think about investing in land are:

  • It is ‘Hands-off investment’ You don’t need to worry about too much of an extra cost for the upkeep of the area. In a residential property in Patna, one has to worry about maintenance, tenants and other issues. With land investment, you only have to worry about its management or minimal maintenance to prevent encroachment.
  • Future plan with vacant land, you will have many options like selling it, building your house, building commercial property or convert it into farm land. The sense of liberty is limited with residential properties like apartments in Patna.
  • Value addition for long term Land investment is more affordable than residential property in Patna. With less need for maintenance, you will save a considerable sum of money.

However, land investment in Patna can be tricky and also fraught with risks. In order to ensure safety of your venture, you will need to be mindful of a few things before investing:

Budget Before you start research on your land investment options, take time to pan out your budget. Make a checklist:

  • Evaluate your savings and income:- To begin with, estimate your savings and debt-income ratio should you be availing of financing for this venture. Other investment instruments like fixed deposits or mutual funds, which are more liquid in nature might also be a good source of financing. Together, analyse the amount you will be investing along with the amount you will be left with. Investors should be careful while investing as the liquidity in land investment in Patna is less as compared to gold, fixed deposits and mutual funds.
  • The amount you are willing to invest: – After all the calculations estimate how much amount you will invest in land and keep in mind any legal or maintenance costs. Research is probably the most crucial step in successfully investing in land in Patna. Exploring and collecting information regarding the investment is an essential step in making the right location and developer choice. Learn more about market trends and the news related to the area you are interested in. This information will add up to your overall knowledge regarding the sector and will aid your decision-making.
  • Market trends: – Investigate further on the recent market reports and trends in the real estate sector. Keep an eye out for news related to price, popular investment plots or areas, investment options, type of land investments and details on whom to contact.
  • Pricing: – When you are planning your different plot options in Patna, compare them on the basis of the amount and the quality they offer for that amount.
  • Infrastructure development can be a game changer. For example, Bihta was a village up until the 2000s due to its remote nature but is now bustling with commercial and residential hub.
  • Government policies or legal issues:– The plot may be under litigation or may be due for a government project.
  • Zoning:- Also note that a few areas may be categorized as forest land. Investigate and enquire about these factors before you invest. All the information you will obtain from local municipalities and development authorities.
  • Location:- Plots situated near to upcoming airport, railway station or business sector will be a great investment in Patna. This venture will also secure employment opportunities. Try to invest in areas in the proximity of such sectors, this will ensure maximum future returns. Patna has its growth corridors.. If you want to steer clear from these variables, then make sure you invest in a location which provides you basic amenities at a good price.
  • Workforce and labour:- If you are planning to build a house or commercial property on the land or sell it to a developer in Patna, keep in mind the potential for employment prospects. If the plot is near a developed segment, the employment options will be aplenty.
  • Public transport and amenities:- If you are planning to develop estate on the land, it’s better to search for amenities like public transport, water supply, hospitals etc.
  • Scope of growth:- Always invest in land where you see possibility of growth and development. This judgment will be easier if you thoroughly research your options. How long can you stay invested? Plan out your long-term goal.

Land is not a liquid asset and the efforts are considerable when it comes to finding a buyer at a fair price. Make sure you have an alternative source of income or savings that you can bank upon during times of crisis. Your land investments will gain on capital appreciation when you sell the land. Long-term goals like child benefits or a retirement corpus are more suited to land investments. Planning will help you maximize returns and turn your venture into a success. Remember, turning ignorance into knowledge and action is more a factor of your approach rather than purely focusing on the negatives and challenges of possible outcomes.


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10 Nov


Beware of fly-by-night real estate developers in Patna.

6 Nov

Buy Sell Rent Patna

Buy Sell Rent Patna

The newspapers are regularly replete with complaints by buyers who had been led astray or otherwise victimized by fly-by-night developers in Patna who specialize in launching small one-off projects and then wash their hands off the project. In a market environment where there exists a high degree of customer awareness with regards to most products, how can this continue to happen in Patna Realty market?

Property buyers in Patna are primarily attracted to projects by fly-by-night developers in Patna because of the low rates being quoted. What they do not realize is that these savings often come with huge potential losses in the future. Many small-time builders in Patna have no core expertise in real estate development whatsoever – often, they are moneylenders, local politicos, brokers or even contractors seeking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting buyers in Patna. Such developers in Patna are not interested in becoming established market players, and therefore have no stake in earning a reputation for transparency and wholesome business practices. Such developers in Patna make their profits by using sub-standard construction materials, acquiring and building on plots with flawed or incomplete titles, circumventing or ignoring applicable development laws and neglecting to obtain all the necessary building permissions. They also accept ‘black money’ as part of their transactions, contributing to the opaqueness of the market and short-changing the government on stamp duty and registration revenues.

Likewise, scores of home buyers in Patna continue to be misguided by small-time property brokers who operate in tiny segments of the larger market and have no scruples about selling them inferior products on the primary or resale market. Untold numbers of home buyers in Patna buyers who avail of the services of such brokers find themselves holding properties in Patna whose defects come to light only after the transaction is over and the buyer starts living or using the purchased property.

It is surprising that in an age where Bihari consumers are highly attuned to the value that established brands bring to the table in the retail sector, a large number of Biharis still patronize unscrupulous bit-players when it comes to buying a home in Patna. We can only hope for a wholesome market environment where transparency directly benefits consumers if consumers themselves refuse to patronize operatives whose businesses thrive on concealment and false information rather than ethics and transparency.


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